The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ad Ever

I know it is a more than month past the Super Bowl but my wife always says I am a slow learner, so I guess I will write this just to prove her right (as always).

Brother, Can You Spare a Second?

CNN reports that each Super Bowl ad costs $2.5M for a 30 second spot – or $83,33 a second; yep, that is just one time, one play. Then the next day the water cooler talk and media organizations all rate the various ads and argue if pets, booze, comedy or girls are the most important element in a successful and memorable ad.

My daughter still likes the “herding cats” commercial, but I can’t remember which company it was promoting…

Answer: Swen Nater

Basketball great Bill Walton was asked who was the best college center he played against during his years at UCLA. Walton replied, “Swen Nater.” The reporter was surprised because Nater wasn’t an opposing center from a major school, he was the back-up center to Walton.

I applied the same thinking to deciding my best Super Bowl commercial, and it is “The Super Bowl Shuffle” by the Chicago Bears. It had more air play than any commercial and it promoted the Super Bowl itself. It even reached #41 on the Billboard charts.

I never was a real big Bears fan, but I loved watching Sweetness – Walter Payton.

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