Content Intensity and Creativity as a "Stickiness" Factor

How Do You Break Net Zombism For Your Visitors?

Here is the problem… internet users have web page fatigue. Some random thought sparks the engrained sequence – the user waits for the dim glow of their screen as they turn the power on, then their fingers robotically go to a search engine as another thought enters their mind (what was it I was suppose to do before I went online?) and then a search query is entered and their zombie face glances up hoping for a perfect result.

The mouse is clicked and a web site is opening (Hmm, I hope the first result is what I am searching for). The page appears. The mind looks in the engrained pattern, top, top left, picture, navigation bar (Shoot, this really isn’t what I am looking for. I have to click again.)

You know this routine. It is caused because the web has entered the commodity phase; that is going to the first page of a search result is as good as the fifth URL.

Transforming Your Web Site From a Commodity to an Experience

Blah, blah, ho, ho, hum, hum – that is what you are finding on most sites in terms of web content. The sites that do best are the sites that are creative, have in-depth content, offer greater than desired information and do it in a way as to not bore the visitor to death. In other words, they transform a web page into an experience.

A Nickel Looking For A Dime

Now I know this is no surprise, but if you write blah ho hum, you get blah ho hum… Or as one of my college friends was told by a slightly inebriated girl he was trying to ask out at a campus party, “You are a nickel looking for a dime.” He was crushed, then foolish enough to tell me, swearing me to a rum and coke induced secrecy… which has since expired. (When adjusted for inflation, and the power of the internet, it now is, “A nickel looking for a dollar.”)

Intensity, belief, conviction and truth are compelling factors in your web copy that cause visitors to not only just visit, but wander through your site, re-visit later and tell their friends.

The haka is a Maori posture / war dance with a call and response type of vocal chanting. The haka includes intense facial gesticulations which would probably scare the bejesus out of Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street. Besides showing the fire from the whites of the eyes, sticking out their tongues in a devilish manner and body slapping the hands against their legs and chest, the haka “psyches up” the performers, and “intimidates” the opponent.

Put on Your Helmet, Lock Your Wrists to Your Chair, and Click…

Here is a video example of intensity. It is the haka performed by the New Zealand All Black Rugby team. Adidas thought so much of the haka, they made it into commercial.

Watch the intentness on their faces and listen to the tone and delivery of their Maori war dance. It is a long way from “sis, boom, bah” or “go, fight, win” cheers found at local sporting events.

Here is another example, a bit over the top, of writing to evoke emotion. I had several surfboards for sale and I received more emails commenting on the content than inquiries from buyers.


Feel the rhythm of the ocean beneath you as you cast your eyes to shore.

Release the weight of pressures from the land bound world, knowing your senses will be cleansed with what the Peruvian fisherman call the ‘Christ child,’ the El Niño fury.

Now look to the West and witness the oncoming rage that was created by
the chaos of winter storms, many miles away, storms you will never see, except for the waves.

The ire of the ocean not only creates the waves, it also rekindles the flame in your belly, and the calmness in being, as you effortlessly stroke and glide into the rising, magnificent peak.

With purpose in your heart, confidence in your command and knowingness in your ability, effortlessly guide your board down the face,
and prepare to harness the raw energy which was anger, just days ago.

Any emptiness within your being is filled and fueled by the passion of the waves and this, in turn, now ignites the fire in your soul.

You respect her power as the wave lifts, then unfolds, revealing a solitary path of safety, of excitement, of glory; you are confident in your steed.

As you stand, acknowledge the alchemy occurring between your soul, ocean and earth: gravity is transformed into grace and fluid motion begets internal emotion.

Revel in your drop from the crest, to only find yourself, seconds later, rising along the face;
merging with the flow of nature.

As you allow your fingertips to softly caress the nape of the wave, you wonder,
“Is it really the ocean caressing you?”

Fully immerse yourself in this very moment, as time is suspended, awareness become acute and movement is extended.

Many states rush your senses: grandeur, peace, joy, expression, freedom and stoke.

You wonder, as you have wondered many times before,
“Is it the soles of your feet that allow this experience,
or is it the feat of your soul?”

Allow this 9’10” sculpture of power, glory, glide and soul to answer the question:
Are you ready for El Niño?

What price to achieve Glory, you ask…
You can experience the parting of the seas with your investment of just
$475 (about a penny a wave), a small expenditure which will allow you to:
Bring on El Niño…and prepare to
tame the child.

Good Content Equals Higher Pricing

I also noticed something interesting with selling these surfboards with the content versus just having a “for sale” sign… the content readers didn’t try and negotiate on price with me at all.

One more example of the haka, just because I like it…

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