Internet Marketing is Like Marketing Sex

There is often a bit of confusion about the blurry line of distinction between sales and marketing, but everyone seems to understand a bit more about sex.

Little Sizzle, a Dash Of Appeal, a Bit Of Allure

Internet marketing is a lot like marketing sex. You need a little sizzle, a dash of appeal, a bit of allure and something that meets and satisfies the user’s desire.

There is a great illustration of the distinctions between marketing, branding, public relations, sales etc., it goes like this.

You see an attractive person at a party. You march across the room, go up to the person and say, in a matter of fact tone, “I’m fantastic in bed. How ’bout it?”” — That’s “Direct Marketing.”

You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see an attractive person.
You give your friend ten dollars to approach the attractive person and they say, “Hi, my friend over there (pointing to you) is great in bed, how ’bout it?”. — That’s “Advertising.”

You see an attractive person at a party. You go up to them and get their telephone number. The next day you call and say, “Hi, I’m fantastic in bed.” — That’s “Telemarketing.”

You’re at a party and see an attractive person. You give two of your friends ten bucks each to stand within earshot of the attractive person and point over to you and say, “I hear that person is fantastic in bed.” Then they talk about what a great person you are. — That’s “Public Relations.”

You’re at a party and see an attractive person. That person immediately walks over to you and says, “Hi, I hear you’re great in bed, how ’bout it?”. — That’s “Brand Recognition.”

You’re at a party and see an attractive person. You talk them into
going home with your friend. — That’s a “Sales Rep.”

Your friend can’t satisfy them so the attractive person calls you. — That’s “Tech Support.”

You’re at a party when you realize that there are many attractive people in attendance. So you start at one corner of the room and go to each person you find attractive and shout at the top of your lungs, “I’m fantastic in bed!” Soon you are asked to leave the party.
That’s “Spam” marketing.

Your Online Marketing Efforts

Now, how does all relate to your online marketing efforts? Are your visitors looking for something sexy, or are they seeking something more substantial?

Direct Marketing: Contact related companies and ask for a link from their web site to yours.

Advertising: Use pay-per-click efforts, buy keywords at various search portals, advertise in newsletters and opt-in ezines.

Telemarketing: Call companies in other cities and states and offer to exchange leads for customers you cannot service.

Public Relations: Do postings in various newsgroups and moderated newsgroups providing helpful information. Also add a features that might be helpful, like a home loan company offering a mortgage calculator on their web site that anyone can use without logging in our having to complete a sign-in process.

Brand Recognition: This is something that is earned.

Spam: Unsolicited emails can produce short term results, but the negative connotations and possible loss of your ISP or web site host can destroy your business.

Other Ways Sex Sells

A few other ways “sex sells” (or “sex doesn’t sell”) for your mortgage web site:

A Pretty Face: Make sure your web site is attractive and pleasant in appearance. No one likes to see a mortgage site constructed with a FrontPage 97 template and with 13 different color fonts.

A Tight Fitting Outfit: If you are selling mortgages, don’t offer anything else. Links to Amazon, your favorite sites, the IRS, are detrimental to you. Customers are hard to get…keep them on your web site.

Scantily Clothed: Don’t skimp on information on your web site. If a visitor has to search, or heaven-forbid, call for ANY reason other to complete an application, then you haven’t done your job. ALL information on rates, procedures, about your company, should be on your site.

Movies Are For The Theaters: Do NOT make your customers watch a Flash introduction of spinning houses, swirling interest rate symbols, flying dollar bills and end up at some monolithic edifice that is your office building. Visitors want info, not entertainment.

Talking Dirty: Never bad-mouth the competition from your web site.

The Promise of More Than You Intend to Deliver: Don’t blink and blast a coupon or special on your site if it only applies to people who buy $1,000 worth of merchandise, today. Show ALL your specials, not just the eye-stoppers.

Tricks are for Dogs: Any traffic generating trick, such as creating a Pamela Lee Anderson worship page on your site, that works will stop working next week when everyone wise to what you are doing and no one will fall for it.

Romance: People like to treated nice, they like to be cared for — so, do this for your visitors at your site. Make it easy to navigate your site, answer their questions before they have to ask them and be responsive when they email you.

Stepping Stones To Acquiring And Maintaining Customers

What web site owners are really seeking, is the same outcome that often occurs via sex… a marriage. Web site owners want a relationship that is good for both parties to occur. The sex and romance, while an integral part in the courtship maze, are simply the stepping stones to acquiring and maintaining customers.

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