Is Your Domain Name Costing You Money?

Is Your Domain Name Costing You Money?

Your company needs every Internet promotion and marketing technique to allow potential customers to easily find your web site. One powerful way to help stand out from the thousands of other mortgage web sites is to have a professional sounding and easily remembered Internet domain name. The wrong domain name selection can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost commissions everyday.

Buying a domain name is not as simple as it sounds. If you buy the right name, Internet users will be able to find your site with ease. If you buy the wrong domain, your customers will be confused, and you’ll lose mortgage customers.


There are many domain name extensions available today. Before we get too far, let me say up-front that .com is the extension of choice, as most of you already know. If you are not one of these people, let me explain. Most Web users automatically type in .com when they’re not sure of a domain name. So, if your domain name is, users might remember “mydomain” but not the .net extension. In effect, the .net name is sending traffic to the .com domain.

It’s a common problem — and people will automatically type in .com most of the time. Forget about all the other extensions, like .net, org, .biz, .info, etc. Get the .com name and forget about getting another extension.


Many sites use prefixes in their main domain name. The most popular ones are “i” and “e”, but you might also have seen “v”, “z” and “x” with some frequency. I suppose that pretty much every letter can be a prefix, and they don’t usually stand for anything. Of course, they don’t necessarily have to stand for anything, either, but “i” is most commonly for “Internet”, ” e” for “electronic” and “v” for “virtual.”

I stick with “i” and “e” for the most part, as their success has been proven, which is why they’re the most respected of all of the prefixes. If you can get a great domain name without a prefix, don’t hesitate. However, if you find a perfect name that starts with an “i”i” or “e”, it may be a wise purchase.


We are frequently asked, “Should I hyphenate my domain name? It will make it easier to read.” Well, the answer is usually no. Look at the domain versus Which domain name is easier to explain?

Hyphens cause you to have to explain your name, and one more place for a potential visitor to make an error. If you have to explain it, you have lost your effectiveness. Make is easy for customers to find your web site.

Finally, how many major web sites use a dash in their domain name? Not many, and again, this is no coincidence.


Try to leave out abbreviations if possible. If your company is California Home Loans, make sure you get the complete spelling. If you have just, you are just making it more difficult for customers to find you. This is even more important if you want past customers to refer people to your web site.

Which domain name is your customer going to better remember? If your customer can’t remember, they won’t be able to refer your mortgage services. Another Each lost customer is worth thousands of dollars to your competitors.


Don’t fool around when it comes to spelling. Some people try to play games in this area they’ll only confuse people. Don’t try to spell something phonetically (the way it sounds when spoken).

Spelling the domain name correctly ensures that people will find your Web site a lot more easily, and your URL will confuse as few people as possible. Spell it right and move on.


You should be aware of trademarks while selecting a domain name. If you register a domain name that an established company has trademarked, you may find yourself in legal trouble. You may be forced to give the domain name to the company, and possibly be required to pay them some sort of compensation.

Save yourself the trouble — do a trademark search and stay away from names that would directly violate the law. If you registered a domain name before a company trademarked that name, you probably won’t be in any trouble. And if you do find that you registered a domain name that was previously trademarked, just admit your mistake, rectify it, and move on

Move Quickly or Else

We had a corporate client that was thinking of registering a perfect domain name for his company. We advised him to register that name immediately. Unfortunately, he did not take our advice. Two days later another company registered the same name.

My high school English teacher had a great quote that I remember to this day, “You snooze, you lose”. Don’t snooze…and purchase your company domain name right now.

If the domain name you desire is not available, you may be able to purchase the domain name from the existing owner. Use to look up domain ownership.

Technology and marketing promotion on the Internet is constantly changing. You need every Internet promotion technique in your favor to help drive more business to your web site. Stake the odds in your favor by registering a good sounding and well-remembered domain name. And, three years from now when 25% of all mortgages will be transacted over the Internet, your company will be well positioned in having a strong Internet presence.

Using Your Domain Name

Whether in print ads or on the Internnet, we suggest to omit the http:// and the www. and just use the domain name. It saves space and increases comprehension. To add to readability, capitalize the first letter of each word in the domain. Capitalizing the first letter is especially important when the last letter of the previous word is the same as the first letter of the next word, i.e. vs

If you follow the above, your will help generate for your web site.

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