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The Future Of The Mortgage Market

According to the Wall Street Journal, Internet mortgage origination was $4 billion in 1998 and is projected to explode to $250 billion by 2003. Within 4 years over 25% of all mortgage transactions will done over the Internet.

Research also indicates there are currently 150 million Internet users with an average family income of $60,000. The growth of the Internet is exploding with an expected to double to 300 million Internet users by the end of the year 2000.

There are over 2 BILLION web pages indexed in the search engines right now

The top Internet mortgage companies are quickly taking away market share from traditional companies. These companies have huge advertising budgets that can expose their mortgage services by nationwide newspaper & magazine ads, television & radio commercials, including expensive banner advertising.
If your company is a medium to large sized corporate mortgage provider, you need to compete and not continuing losing market share.

The only cost effective way to reach a large number of potential new customers is to generate leads by the major Internet search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Excite, AOL, Lycos, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, etc). The search engines level the playing field: when someone types in “mortgages” someone has to be ranked #1 and someone has to be ranked #100,000.
To have a highly ranked web site is not just random or luck like most people think.

A one time newspaper ad in the Wall Street Journal (1/16th page) costs $11,000

Compared to traditional advertising, our lead generation services are highly customized and targeted to get you more business. Your potential customers are trying to find your mortgage services by typing in specific search engine key words.

This type of Internet marketing is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the entire nation. The costs for traditional forms of nationwide advertising would be cost prohibitive. But with the advent of the Internet, this type of promotion is now possible. This is extremely powerful marketing.

90% of Internet users don’t look past the top 30 search engine results

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and develop a specific proposal to help increase your Internet sales.

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